Merci.GD - Trailer

A taxi ride from Hamburg to Shanghai.

Two foreigners getting to know each other on the road.

Two far cultures getting involved into a collective game: User-guided TV, authentic, close, easy to do. Funny, open and most of all: Curious.

Merci.GD - Good Evening!

Huggy and the Merci-Board-Ensemble present the project, potentials and background of Silkroad-Taxi / Journey to the East (work in progress).

Project draft :

German Version: Fischbutter

Taxi-Story 0.1 beta

German / Turkish (english subtitles)

Preproduction of the Daily Soap "Taxi-Story" that can be produced alongside the journey from Hamburg to Shanghai: Partly staged/fiction (comedy), partly controlled by users (Web 2.0 - see e.g. km42), partly spontaneously.

Chiefpurser: Annabella Akçal
Guide: Haggie Schramm

Silkroad-Taxi: Journey to the East

Here the suggested route of the premiere mission.

Chinese on tour

Here as "Turkish on tour": Edutainment on the road.

Every day one minute of language class, on cell-phone or via webfeed - an entrance, for sure.

Merci.GD - on site

(under preparation - in advance: La Paloma)

Researches and reports line the path. Here a mini-documentary of the "Last Night of The HoLE": The HoLE, a music pub in Schwäbisch Gmünd that became a legend in very short time, closes down.

Authentic on-site-reports (in real production HD-quality) are the main interest of Merci.GD. The different cultural backgrounds of the crewmembers offer extraordinary perspectives also for documentary work.

The original languages of the reports can be English, German, Chinese (or Turkish) and additionally the language of the 3rd crewmember (pilot), the actual host country's language.

The HoLE online

Literary Mile

Suggestion for a mini-format. Different target-groups can be aimed at by choosing appropriate texts.

Wishes of users can be served as well as the desires of young authors to reach a broader audience.

Literature International

A bilingual variation of the "Literary Mile". A turkish short poem is being practised:

dolmuş boş
gel binelim

(Annabella Akçal)

Philosophical Moment

Also this can happen. It becomes even more interesting, if people on site take part in the discussion.

Daily Poetry

Another variation of the "Literary Mile". Here another poem of Annabella Akçal: "In Vienna".

Here also self-made poems from users could be presented.


A brand new, multicultural merchandising-gimmick. The idea came to life during the maiden voyages through Portugal and Spain in summer 2008.

A poker-deck with built-in lexicon, puzzle and dicitionary. The 53 memebers of the UEFA united in a poker-deck.

Can be ordered with customized backs and/or fronts at


EU-Streetspotting 2008

(under preparation)

A report about the maiden voyages of Merci.GD during summer 2008, how it came to live and background-information.

Here an overview of the milestones of the journey.